Ketamine Abuse: The Signs and Symptoms Everyone Should Know

This can quickly turn into addiction as people become dependent on it. Our online therapy programme for ketamine addiction usually takes around ten one-to-one therapy sessions, which can be scheduled to fit your lifestyle and commitments. Whether you choose to pursue oxycodone addiction treatment recovery on an inpatient, outpatient or online basis, the most important thing is that you receive the right care to help you beat your addiction. At CATCH Recovery we’re committed to creating treatment plans that work, whatever the form they are delivered in. After detox for ketamine misuse is done, and the symptoms of withdrawal have subsided, one is then ready for full on rehab treatment in order to become drug free.

Ketamine Addiction

Physical and psychological dependence is naturally a risk when it comes to ketamine abuse. Regular ketamine use can quickly lead to both physical and psychological dependence – although physical dependence/ physical addiction is considered less of a risk than psychological dependence. We often recommend that you detox from ketamine with the help of experts – whether it be an inpatient detox or an at-home detox. Because the effects are short-term, an individual may have recovered by the time they get home. Looking for other signs of ketamine addiction such as longer or unexplained absences, changed in mood and potentially increasing trips to urinate for example.


The most Dangerous Outcome of Ketamine Abuse


As you might’ve already guessed, taking any sort of drug for a long period of time can have detrimental effects on your health. There are various ways to determine if you are addicted to ketamine. One is to see an addiction expert, but a quick test would be to check your usage behaviour. Ketamine induces an anaesthetic effect that makes you want to relive the experience again and again. By changing the opioid receptors in the brain, it increases tolerance and builds addictive behaviour. People who become dependent on ketamine repeat their usage because they’re seeking the elusive ‘first-high’.


What happens if I mix Ketamine and


The choice of a programme depends on each client’s individual circumstances, treatment goals, current health status, and budget. Any drug overdose can be very dangerous though and ketamine can be particularly risky when taken with other substances. It’s important to note that Ketamine addiction treatment is a highly individualised process, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Treatment plans may be adjusted based on progress, individual needs, and any challenges encountered along the way. The latest trial builds on a positive result of an earlier phase 2 trial designed to test whether the treatment is safe. It showed ketamine and therapy treatment was safe and tolerable for people with severe alcohol use disorder.


Upon detoxing from ketamine, you may proceed to the next stage of rehab treatment. It is illegal to abuse ketamine – ketamine is a controlled substance in many countries, including the UK. This means that possessing or selling it illegally can result in legal repercussions, including fines and imprisonment. You may experience both psychological symptoms and physical symptoms during the withdrawal process – although physical symptoms have been reported but not scientifically proven.


It crosses my mind that almost none of her customers will be in contact with treatment services. It’s possible that the most help they’ve ever received for their drug use was from their dealer. Bristol is notorious for being the epicentre of ketamine use in the UK – to the extent that the drug is sometimes nicknamed ‘Bristol Crystal’. It is well known for causing significant damage to kidneys, bladders and urinary tracts. As a result, Southmead hospital now has one of the best urology units in the world.


If your ketamine usage has got to the stage where you are experiencing any psychological or physical side effects – such as memory loss, hallucinations or bladder problems – it’s crucial that you get support. Likewise, if you are showing any signs of addiction, such as ketamine withdrawal symptoms or cravings, the time to get help is now. Those seeking a high frequently develop a psychological dependence on ketamine.


Get in touch for a confidential assessment with our compassionate team of professionals today in Preston on the Hill to discuss how ketamine rehab can help you on the road to recovery. These withdrawal symptoms can be incredibly difficult and even dangerous to try and manage on your own and can often lead to a relapse. Ketamine rehab offers individuals the chance to acquire new methods of handling stress, anxiety and other triggers in a healthy manner. This is just one reason why many choose private residential rehab treatment instead. Ketamine dependence and addiction can be treated with an inpatient or outpatient programme with the support of addiction experts.


Apathy has been reported in addicts but not in patients receiving medical doses. For comparison, ketamine is much less addictive and dangerous than strong opiates (eg fentanyl, methadone) or nicotine, probably less addictive than benzodiazepines and probably about as addictive as whiskey. The extent of this comparable to changes that occur naturally in everyday activities. Therefore, we do not monitor this routinely after the first infusion.


The drug detox itself isn’t hard; it is the withdrawal symptoms that are feared. Regular ketamine use can exacerbate existing mental health problems. It can lead to feelings of paranoia, heightened anxiety leading to panic attacks, and experiences known as “K-Holes” – where a user feels trapped and detached without the ability to voice their feelings. The risk of Ketamine being used to treat mental health problems increases the risk of doctor shopping; tracking the administration of Ketamine would be considerably difficult.

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